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April 2019

You have an expectation of privacy in your classroom. Individuals, including coworkers, should not record or video you without your consent. Doing so is considered a felony. It’s true that buses and hallways have cameras for the purpose of recording activities. These locations do not have an expectation of privacy. Many times, these camera recordings have proved beneficial when actions are in question.

We cannot stress enough to our members to consult with your SRPE President and/or SRPE attorney prior to providing an oral or written statement. SRPE representation is one of your membership benefits. Unfortunately, with today’s culture, we must become more aware of how actions and words
may be interpreted by others.


A lengthy and informative workshop concerning adding additional instructional time to the student day took place in February. From 1987 to 2018, the length of the school day for students has decreased by 54 minutes. Not all these minutes
were instructional; but the question remains, how do we increase additional instructional time into the student day? A link to the workshop discussion is provided below.

February 26th School Board Workshop Staffing Plan Development
and Instructional Schedules

So many of us utilize digital resources to enhance our classroom instruction. Our district is tasked with ensuring these resources follow our policies and guidelines. Each site, vendor, and/or program is thoroughly researched and vetted prior to becoming an approved digital resource. An approved list is available to for planning purposes. If your resource is not on this list, it is your best practice to submit a request for approval. It is better to be safe than sorry in ensuring your resource is aligned with the district’s policies and guidelines.

Approved Digital Instructional Resource List

In this document, you will find
• Approved Online Services (alphabetical list)
• Approved Installed Services (alphabetical list)
• Other Software Considerations

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