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  • How do I join SRPE?
    You can submit your application online by clicking here. You may choose to link a credit card, debit card, or bank account for your automatic recurring dues deduction. You may also download a hard copy form by clicking here. You will need to print out the application and return it to the SRPE Office by giving it to your worksite SRPE Association Representative, or by sending it via worksite courier, or US mail to: SRPE, 6798 Caroline Street, Milton, Florida 32570 You may also contact your worksite’s SRPE Association Representative (AR) for a hard copy form. Don’t know who your SRPE AR is? Click here to receive a current list.
  • What is cost to be a member of SRPE? And where can I find the dues deduction dates?
    All SRPE dues deduction dates correspond with the current Santa Rosa County School District (SRCSD) payroll pay dates. See the table below to view the current payroll pay dates/dues deduction schedule.
  • Why become a member of SRPE?
    Membership is open to both instructional and non-instructional (Ed Support Personnel-ESP) employees. ESP’s receive all the same benefits as instructional members, except that SRPE does not bargain the ESP Master Contract. However, much of the ESP contract was previously negotiated by SRPE, so our representatives are familiar with the ESP contract for purpose of representation, and more. Membership with SRPE includes, but is not limited to: 2-million-dollar professional liability policy coverage Local representation (Weingarten Rights) for meetings with administration and other worksite issues Assigns support during grievances Legal representation for action taken against your job, such as a grievance that leads to arbitration, or when you have been reported to Professional Practices and need to defend instructional personnel’s teaching certificate. Support and representation is provided when a member contacts SRPE about the SRCSD placing them on a Professional Improvement Plan (PIP) SRPE has representatives on district level committees to research and convey our member’s thoughts and concerns Remember, SRPE is located in Santa Rosa County, and available year-round. We typically respond to emails or phone calls within 24-48 hours depending on our workload at that time.
  • What has SRPE done for me?
    As an SRPE member, you have a strong collective voice for negotiating with your employer for better salary, benefits, and working conditions. SRPE bargains the Master Contract with the Santa Rosa County School District (SRCSD) for instructional personnel. SRPE remains the sole PERC certified bargaining agent for instructional personnel since 1975. SRPE is proud to have negotiated your right to a duty-free lunch and the 7.5 hour workday for 10 month personnel in our bargaining unit. SRPE also negotiated for instructional employees to receive payment for Professional Development, and for k-12 after school supplemental instructional programs. SRPE negotiated that 100% of your sick leave days will be paid out at retirement after 13 years of service in the district. We also negotiate the terms of the sick leave bank, and have representatives on the sick leave bank committee. Would you like some more examples of what SRPE has negotiated? Click here to download the most recent copy of the Master Contract.
  • Don’t I get all the same benefits SRPE members do even if I don’t join?
    Simple answer, no. There is a distinct difference between being a dues paying member, and being a bargaining unit member. The federal government also acknowledged this difference through Weingarten Rights—a member only right. Florida Statute 447.401 Grievance Procedures states: “All public employees shall have the right to a fair and equitable grievance procedure administered without regard to membership or non-membership in any organization, except that certified employee organizations shall not be required to process grievances for employees who are not member of the organization.” SRPE is NOT required to represent employees who are not members of our organization for grievance procedures.
  • What are Weingarten Rights, and how does this affect me?
    Weingarten Questions & Answers Prepared by Judith Nenrnann, Esq. MTA Division of Legal Services September 19, 1996


Dues Payment Information

SRPE membership dues follow the current Santa Rosa County School District payroll pay dates (see table below).

Please note that dues must be paid through the June 11, 2024, deduction to keep you a member in good standing through 09/09/2024 for Ed Support and 09/14/2024 for Instructional.

Any questions? Please contact the SRPE office at

Educational Support
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