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Fulfillment Policy

Cancellation Policy:
Members wishing to terminate their SRPE membership must notify SRPE of their intent by directly emailing us at, stating the desire to cancel the membership.

Upon receiving the cancellation request, SRPE will provide the member with the SRPE Membership Cancellation Form. This form must be completed and submitted to formally process the cancellation request.

Refund Policy:
Refunds for cancelled memberships are subject to the following conditions:
- Refund eligibility and the amount, if applicable, are determined based on the membership duration as outlined in the member’s original application.
- Members seeking further information on refunds or the cancellation process are encouraged to contact SRPE directly at for personalized assistance.

Contact Information:
For inquiries or further assistance regarding the cancellation and refund policy, members are advised to reach out via email to Our team is committed to providing support and guidance throughout the process.

Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Information:

SRPE collects personal information through our sign-up form for the purposes of internal processing and payment collection. This information includes:


  • First and Last Name: To identify you in our Stripe account, database, and financial records.

  • Middle Initial: An additional identifier in our database.

  • Phone Number and Personal Email: Linked to your customer profile in Stripe and our database for contact purposes and financial documentation. Email is also used for automated services like assistance notifications through SendGrid.

  • Recruiter Name (Optional): For internal use.

  • Address (Street, City, State, Zip): For postal communications (billing, notifications), though our primary communication is electronic.

  • Disciplined as a SRCSD Employee (Y/N), Performance Issues (Y/N), School/Worksite, Classification, and Birthday: For internal records, reporting, and verification.

  • Signature: To confirm agreement with our terms and conditions before membership activation.

Data Storage and Security:

All collected information is securely stored in an encrypted database for internal use, including financial reporting and maintaining up-to-date contact information. SRPE is committed to privacy and does not sell, lend, or disclose personally identifiable information (PII) to third parties.

Third-party Payment Processing:

Financial transactions are processed through Stripe, a third-party service with robust security measures. SRPE does not directly handle your banking information (credit card, debit card, etc.). For more details on their privacy practices, please visit the Stripe Privacy Center.


Commitment to Privacy:

SRPE respects your privacy and is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information with the highest standards of data protection and security.

Terms and Conditions

Below is the terms and conditions users agree to upon using completely SRPE's user signup form.


“By checking this box and completing the digital signature field, I authorize the Santa Rosa Professional Educators (SRPE) to deduct dues from my bank account or the payment method I have selected, as annually certified by SRPE. These deductions will be made in equal, recurring installments, in alignment with the district payroll schedule. I hereby relinquish all rights and claims to the monies deducted and transmitted in accordance with this authorization and absolve SRPE, its officers, employees, and agents from any liability related to these deductions. This authorization shall remain in full force for the duration of this agreement, unless SRPE receives a written revocation notice from me at least thirty (30) days in advance.”


“I understand that by clicking the "Click to Proceed" button, I must complete the checkout process to link my chosen payment method. Membership authorization will not be considered complete until my payment method has been verified and deemed reliable for fulfilling payment obligations.  I further agree that a digital signature shall be effective to prove assent to the terms of this membership application and that the terms of this application may be proved through electronic facsimile, including a scanned electronic copy in PDF or other digital format, and that the documents required by law to be retained related to membership in SRPE may be retained in digital format.”

These are displayed within the form itself.

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